Supplemental Staffing

Supplemental staffing / Client support

RN & Allied Specialties has been helping clients with supplemental staffing of PRNs, contract and travel nurses since 1995, drawing from our Indiana-based pool of 4,000 healthcare professionals. We offer two different types of work options:

Per Diem

Per Diem in Latin means “per day” and we have many clients that need daily support, often for unexpected reasons. Clients contact us when the need for staffing support arises. We match those needs with the availability of our healthcare professionals. This type of staffing support is of critical importance to clients and their ability to provide patient care free of interruptions.

Travelers and Contracts

Contracts require a greater commitment by the client and healthcare professional. These assignments are typically for specific healthcare professionals for a specific period of time. Contracts most often come in three forms:

  • 8-week contracts
  • 13-week contracts
  • Custom contracts

Whether it’s travelers or per diem assignments, clients appreciate our simple fee structure. Our bill rates are all-inclusive and cover the wage of the employee and associated payroll taxes. We do not charge for housing, bonuses and other stipends. Additionally, our bill rates include costs associated with:

  • Recruiting
  • Interviewing
  • Maintaining employee credentialing RNS maintains documentation of all employee-required credentials, health records, mandatory education and continuing education, meeting the standards of the facility, the Indiana State board of Health, H-FAP and/or the Joint Commission
  • 10-panel drug screen
  • 7-year manual county criminal screen
  • Reference checking
  • Professional liability coverage
  • Worker’s compensation coverage
  • Unemployment compensation coverage
  • All Competency testing –
  • Handle all performance and discipline issues
  • Employee scheduling
  • Cancellations of employees
  • 24/7 staffing accountability

Supplemental staffing doesn’t get any easier or effective than RN & Allied Specialties.

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