Employee Credentialing Process

At RN & Allied Specialties, we use a 10-step activation process to meticulously identify and screen candidates for employment. We go above and beyond the standard screening process, placing potential candidates through the following intensive, two-week assessment:

Step One: Screen for Experience

A candidate must be an RN for a minimum of two years, unless the client approves otherwise.

Step Two: Skills Checklist

Based on the application, we send the candidate a self-assessed Skills Checklist, and testing relevant to OSHA guidelines, Joint Commission and other annual education, including age specific competency, fire and safety, cultural diversity, HIPAA, etc.

Step Three: Professional Interview

Every candidate has a professional interview during which we review employment history, have the candidate explain employment gaps, unusual patterns, or job changes. We look for professionalism and indicators for success: is the candidate well prepared, punctual and friendly? Does the candidate convey a high sense of responsibility and accountability? During the interview, we introduce our company and answer any question relating to the company, orientation, how the industry works, what our clients expect, and how to be successful.

Step Four: Clinical Interview

After the professional interview, each candidate goes through a thorough clinical interview with our Director of Clinical Oversight, Kelly Gunn, RN.

She reviews the candidate’s work history, skills checklist, application and resume, and assigns competency exams appropriate for the professional’s classification and clinical specialty (www.prophecyhealth.com). She also asks a series of situational questions to gauge the candidate’s critical thinking skills. Based on the skills checklist, the work history, a positive interview and a passing score in the candidate’s specialty, the candidate is deemed clinically competent.

Step Five: Approved/Disapproved

Upon completion of the clinical and professional interview, the candidate is either approved or disapproved for further consideration.

Step Six: Drug Screening

We conduct a 10-panel drug screening through Quest Diagnostics. Candidates who refuse to submit a urinalysis are eliminated from employment consideration.

Step Seven: Credential Documents

We send out a remote hiring packet and collect all remaining Credential Documents. These documents can be client specific.

  • Health Statement verified by physician or NP
  • Annual PPD or negative chest film (if PPD positive)
  • Annual TB questionnaire
  • Flu declination (client specific)
  • Positive MMR titer or evidence of vaccination
  • Varicella Zoster questionnaire or positive titer or immunization documentation
  • Documentation of hepatitis B vaccine or titer documentation or OSHA declination statement.
  • Verification of state licensure – Indiana Professional Licensing Bureau or appropriate state agency
  • Copy of professional license and relevant certifications
  • Copy of certificate or diploma for non licensed professionals
  • Copy of CPR / ACLS / PALS as applicable
  • Job Description for appropriate classification
  • Mask fit test (client specific)

Step Eight: Remaining Employment Forms

We collect tax documents including direct deposit, I-9 document; two identification cards, employee handbook acknowledgement, employment and background release, hiring policy, confidentiality form, and harassment & discrimination statement.

Step Nine: Background Check

We perform an in-depth background check that includes:

  • Indiana state police report
  • National criminal and sex offender registry
  • County criminal search for any known address in the last seven years
  • Level 3 FACIS (Medicare/Medicaid Fraud and Abuse Check) to pick up any Medicare fraud, actions against professional license

Step Ten: Reference Checks/Employment Verification

Once the background release is signed, we obtain a minimum of two professional references, peer level or above. We then verify the candidate’s employment history.

*Once the process is completed, the candidate is approved and considered marketing active for employment as a RN & Allied Specialties Employee.