Hiring Process

Selective, comprehensive, uncompromising

RN & Allied Specialties never loses sight of what’s important: delivering quality care to patients. In health care, nothing is more important than that which is why we are extremely selective in the nurses and allied health professionals chosen to represent our company and work for our clients. Since 1995, we have recruited and retained a diverse, loyal and highly motivated team of professionals. These are people who have been as well screened and reviewed as our clients’ own employees. We trust them and know our clients will, too.

Our confidence comes from our comprehensive hiring process, which is anything but quick and simple. Our approach combines both objective and subjective evaluations, which together give us accurate insight into a prospective employee’s background and probability of success. We make sure that every candidate goes through our hiring process:

  • Thoroughly interviewed
  • Thoroughly tested for competency by Prophecy Healthcare
  • Thoroughly credentialed

After completing our process and the prospective employee is determined to meet our exacting standards, we submit the candidate’s profile to the client’s hiring manager for final selection.

At RN & Allied Specialties, we never place an employee with a client until our comprehensive hiring process is completed. To learn more about our credentialing process, click here.